Solar Products

Load shedding and back up power solutions

Together with one of our consultants, identify combinations of items in your business or household that are critical to you and needed during planned and unplanned power outages. These could include security systems, lights, Computers or even the tv. Once identified, let us help you with a solution that will ensure these items stay on even during unexpected outages. This is our entry level solution and is geared at ensuring you are not “left in the dark” when the power grid goes down.

Grid Tied Solutions

Generally more affordable than the Off-Grid Solutions, Grid-Tied solutions use Solar power to feed electricity to your house whenever the sun is available. It then seamlessly switches over to the power Grid when insufficient natural energy is available. This system is best suited for small businesses or households where there is a lot of electricity consumed during the day. It is also suited as an entry-level for consumers looking for an upgradeable solution and can be integrated with a battery system in the future.

Off-Grid Solutions

Going off the Grid means an investment in saving huge amounts of money over a long term. No more price increases or loadshedding. Off-Grid options are ideal for people wanting to put a stop to the ever increasing price of electricity due to mismanagement and monopolism. “Allowing you to take back the power”. In addition to energy converting Solar Panels, Off-Grid solutions make use of batteries to store electricity for the times that there is no sunlight available. This saved power is then made available during those times to ensure that you not only save during the day, but at all times. Optional grid connections mean that even if you do not have sufficient storage in your batteries, your electricity will remain on. These options can also be used for remote locations like farms, resorts, transmission towers etc.