In order to ensure that we match the right system to the correct environment, Premium Solar will first do a complete Needs Analysis on your house. Taking into consideration your current usage, appliances and surge peaks, we would then proceed to construct a quotation that provides you with both the minimum as well as the optimum solutions for you and your environment. To do this, may require us installing an energy monitoring device. This will supply us with peak times, real-time information on electrical usage and help us to create a plan that covers all areas. All of this is done for free and you are under no obligation to use us.


Once an agreement has been reached on the pricing and the payment plan, the Premium Solar advisor will set up an installation plan including dates and outcome-driven project schedule. This will be done in conjunction with our qualified and experienced installation team and electrical engineers. It is important to note that factors such as weather and environmental conditions should be taken into account. Once installed and tested, our team will hand the system over to you in a training session.


In order to help you understand and utilize your newly installed renewable energy system fully, you will receive Free telephone and technical support. During this time we will help you understand all aspects of your system and ensure that everything is working.

Warranty and Maintenance

Depending on the system chosen, you would have a warranty on all components anywhere from 2 to 30 Years. This is an on-site warranty, meaning you do not have to remove the faulty part, but instead we will send a qualified technician on-site to you to do this. There is very little maintenance to do on the system apart from ensuring that the solar panels remain free from dirt, leaves and anything else that may accumulate on top or underneath it. Optional affordable maintenance plans will give you peace of mind.

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